Veteran Home International(VHI)

The Veteran Home International (VHI) is an annual competition between teams from England, Ireland (Northern Ireland and Eire), Scotland and Wales. Each team comprises 2 men and 2 women in each age group 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60, and one man and one woman in age groups 35 and 65: 24 athletes per team.

Rules and Guidelines for the VHI are published on the British Orienteering website, here (opens in a new window).


The VHI individual race on Day 1 will use the same courses as the South West Championships. VHI competitors will start between 10:00 and 10:45, with SW Champs runners starting from 11:00. In the VHI, all individuals count towards the team score.


The VHI relays on Day 2 will mass start at 09:30, with the relay changeover area located in the main event arena. There are two relay classes: MWM – 2 Men + 1 Woman and WMW – 2 Women + 1 Man. Nations may enter 4 teams in each class with their best 3 to score. The aggregate of each team’s BOF ages is to be 145 or greater.

The relay course details for this year are as follows:

Leg Length Climb Length Climb
1 Medium 3.0km 140m Short 2.6km 75m
2 Medium 3.0km 140m Long 4.3km 160m
3 X Long 4.7km 230m Long 4.3km 160m

Points gained by a nation in the relays are to be added to the points gained by a nation in the 14 individual classes with the highest combined score winning.


There are 4 trophies:

  1. The Quaich for the nation that wins the relays.
  2. The Lagan Valley Rosebowl for the nation that wins the individual event.
  3. The Mickelgate Bar Trophy for the overall winning nation.
  4. The “Stonewall Trophy” is presented to either Wales or Ireland, whichever has the greater combined points total.

The 2013 VHI was hosted by Norfolk Orienteering Club, with England emerging as overall winners. You can see results and photos on the Norfolk Orienteering Club website here (opens in a new window), and the England Team Manager’s report here (opens in a new window).

Useful Links for Selected and Aspiring VHI runners

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